St. Vladimir's Alumni Association: Keeping You Connected to the Community

Gregory Abdalah (Alum '08), Alumni Board ChairGregory Abdalah (Alum '08), Alumni Board Chair

Welcome! Keeping You Connected to the Community

We are all a part of a worldwide community of bishops, priests, deacons, teachers, lawyers, doctors, mothers, and fathers who are graduates of St. Vladimir’s Seminary. The Alumni Association of St. Vladimir’s exists primarily to serve and keep its members connected to this community, and we enjoy hearing from you—your concerns, ideas, stories—and we like to communicate with you, keeping you up-to-date with our campus news and initiatives. These alumni pages have been designed with you in mind. We love to see and hear from you! St. Vladimir’s alumni represent the seminary in positions of service and leadership all around the world. It's exciting to hear stories from and catch up with members of St. Vladimir’s widespread family.


Matushka Robyn Hatrak, Alumni Relations OfficerMatushka Robyn Hatrak, Alumni Relations OfficerPlease contact Matushka Robyn Hatrak, Alumni Relations Officer at St. Vladimir's with your concerns or news via e-mail or by calling 914-961-8313 x330.