Campus and Student Activities

Students, faculty, staff, trustees and visitors at St. Vladimir's share food and fellowship all year long; at our annual Thanksgiving Feast and in our weekly Sunday potlucks; through our Lenten gatherings after Presanctified Liturgies and when St. Nicholas pays his annual visit to the children of our community; in the evening hours when we swap babysitting services and serve together in ministry to the homeless of New York City. This aspect of living side by side is both challenging and rewarding. At its best, our community brings to mind the words of the Psalmist: "Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"



St. Vladimir's Has Talent!

By Peter C. Bouteneff

I didn’t know our first-year student Harrison Russin played the accordion, until he flung it out of its case and launched into a spirited set of Christmas carols at our semi-annual Talent Show. I knew that seminarians Lee and Jamey Bozeman had been accomplished Christian rock musicians and signed recording artists, but I didn’t know how good they could sound with a faculty bass player.

Our winter Talent Show provides the campus community a much-needed opportunity to relax in fellowship just before final exam week. It also gives us the chance to celebrate each other’s talents, and to discover facets of our brothers and sisters that do not come to fore in the classroom, chapel, or on field assignments!

Community Welcomes St. Nicholas at Annual Church School Celebration

Community Gathering • By Kate Behr Photo gallery by Tanya Hoff

Distributing GiftsDistributing Gifts

Shining faces, rapt expressions, and sweet voices welcomed St. Nicholas to the annual SVOTS Church School celebration and brunch after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday December 5th. Children and adults alike shared food, carols, and a joyful sense of occasion.

SVS “Karate Kids”

The SVS Karate Club has been meeting weekly since Fall 2009. Most students are seminary children, but several adults have participated as well. The traditional Karate training conducted here is designed to develop positive character traits in students through working within strict guidelines while enjoying a fun atmosphere.

 InstructionInstructionStudents learn valuable self-defense skills; they learn to respect themselves and others, to practice self-control, and to coordinate their minds and bodies. Training gives children a sense of self-value and confidence, better health, and increases their ability to concentrate on tasks. All students are taught that the Karate techniques they learn are for self-defense purposes only, and they practice different methods to avoid physical confrontation.