2016-2017 Estimated Additional Expenses


  Single student in dormitory Married student w/o children in apartment Married student w/ children in apartment
Books & Supplies (per year) $800 $800 $800
Food (per month) $60 $550 $550 + $50 per child
Health Insurance * (per month) $110 $390 $390 + $175 per child
Transportation (per month, excluding car payments) $150 $250 $300
Utilities / Phone (per month) $60 (phone) $200 (electric & phone) $200 (electric & phone)
Child care (per month) N/A N/A $400
Total (nine months) $3,740 $13,310 $21,810**
*Health insurance estimates are based on United Health Care's Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan (please see Insurance Information).
** Estimate assuming two children.
Notes: Married students living in seminary apartments are responsible for paying rent from the time they move into the apartment until the time they move out. Therefore, when preparing a budget, students should make provision for rental and grocery expenses during the summer months in addition to the totals shown above.