Students Offer Feedback: “A Journey in the Sacred Arts”

Lydia Wade, Eagle River, AK

The draw to this workshop at St. Vlad's was very much due to the age group. Being a complete beginner in iconography, it was much less intimidating to join fellow students for the learning experience. It was also a great opportunity to meet other Orthodox young people and make new connections in a different part of the country. Another big deal–maker was due to the fact that room and board were included, whereas other workshops I looked into only went partial days and I would have had to find hotels/restaurants etc. on my own. I was very happy to stay on St. Vlad's beautiful campus.

It has been a very joyful and humbling experience to learn how icons are created and it has been great to learn and work with Kh. Erin. Definitely will recommend to others!

Seraphima Karbo, Project Mexico, Tijuana

I wanted to "get my feet wet" with iconography before starting an apprenticeship. I'd also never been out to St. Vlad's or the East Coast, so it seemed like a good mix of opportunities! I liked the fact that it was geared towards college students specifically and that it was a smaller class size.

The workshop, although a different style and technique than I am planning on studying, gave me a much clearer idea of the actual amount of work involved in iconography. I also really enjoyed the environment created by being at the Seminary. Deacon Evan and Protodeacon Joseph's talks were phenomenal, and Khouria's as well. I would really like to see more of that in a schedule. Talking about the theology and history of iconography gives me a clearer idea of what I am doing.

Varvara M. Koroleva, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Architecture and Design)

I wanted to learn more about this crucial and important form of art in my faith. I discovered that there is a lot to learn and that Khouria Erin is a wonderful teacher. I hope St. Vlad's does something like this again!

Leigh Warkenheim, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI (Fine Arts)

I'm not much of a fan of reading and I learn more about my faith by doing hands–on things like iconography. I have attended several workshops and this is the first that I have other classmates my age and that I can relate to. Khouria Erin Kimmet is amazing and so optimistic!

Elizabeth Hughes, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA (Art with concentration in Painting)

I signed up for this course because I had taken one course before with Kh. Erin at the Antiochian Village. I knew I had to do this again so when I heard about this program I decided to take it.

It certainly is a wonderful and spiritually enlightening program. Painting an icon is an experience that allows one to express one's Orthodox faith and grow closer to God in a beautiful way.

Personally, I really appreciated how this program was set up for a specific age group. It gave me a chance to meet more Orthodox people my age that I could relate to.