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Our students depend heavily on financial support from scholarships to fund their seminary educations. St. Vladimir's is privileged to have several scholarship funds designated and funded by generous benefactors who want to help needy and gifted students. In 2010, two new need-based scholarships, The Malankara Orthodox Scholarship and the St. Anthony the Great Scholarship, were established.

Need-based scholarships are available to qualified students enrolled at St. Vladimir's Seminary on a full-time basis, as defined in our Academic Catalog. To retain a need-based scholarship, an eligible student must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, participate regularly in seminary chapel services, and perform community service assignments commendably.

Need is determined on the basis of the FAFSA and the seminary's Financial Aid Application. Students who receive scholarship assistance from an outside source, as defined above, may still be eligible for a need-based scholarship of a lesser amount, if the outside assistance is less than the scholarship award. The amount of aid from the Seminary will be 100% of the award balance remaining after applying the outside assistance.

Queries about all of our scholarship funds may be directed to the Seminary's Director of  Financial Aid, Dr. John Barnet, 914-961-8313 x313.