Invest wisely…for a good return

People are huddling over media reports and reading economic tea leaves to make sense of today's financial headlines, but we who give to St. Vladimir's Seminary know that regardless of the decisions made in D.C., our investments are producing unequaled, eternal returns.

What do our investments yield?

Hope—SVOTS alumni comprise more than 1,000 clergy and 800 lay workers, well equipped to proclaim the gospel of Christ and serving in Orthodox Christian jurisdictions throughout the world.

Blessings multiplied—Statistically, each ordained alumnus will influence an average of 10,000 lives.

Peace of mind—The Seminary has had 50 years of clean audited financial statements; the last ten years are always published on our Website, demonstrating financial responsibility and transparency.

Joy—Helping a seminarian to earn a theological education debt free produces eternal treasure.

Make a secure investment in St. Vladimir's today!


A joy–filled 2013 to each of you,


Timothy Nieuwsma
Associate Director for Advancement

Appreciated Stock—a deduction now for the full current value, but no capital gains tax
Simple Charitable Remainder Trust—a deduction now, but keep the income stream for life
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