News Flash: Read All about Us

St. Vladimir's Seminary receives regular news coverage on Orthodox Christian jurisdictional Websites, such as The Orthodox Church in America, The Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese; on diocesan sites, such as The Diocese of the South (OCA); and even on international sites, like that of the Russian Orthodox Church.

It also receives broad coverage in Orthodox and other Religion Web media sites and blogs, like Orthodoxy Cognate Page, Ancient Faith Radio, and Mere Comments; and further coverage in national and diocesan print newspapers, such as the stories about our "Hellenism & Orthodoxy" conference June 2010, and our St. Matthew Passion concert, February 2011, both of which appeared in The National Herald (May 8–14, 2010, page 4, "What's the Fate of Orthodox Unity and Diaspora?" and February 26, 2010, page 3, "St. Matthew's Passion Soars"), a publication widely read among the Greek Orthodox community.

However, our seminary is especially gratified to receive attention from local and national media, which normally would not take note of religion news; or, from media outlets of other faiths, which typically would not be covering events within the Orthodox Christian context. These stories help to bring the Gospel message to our wider community, to explain Orthodox Christianity to those unfamiliar it, and to raise awareness about our school. 

We are pleased to share some of these recent stories with our readers. To view them, just download the attached PDFs.

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