Tuition and Fees: M.Div.; M.A.; Th.M

Full Time (12-18 credits)  $5,256 (per semester)
Credits in excess of 18 $438 (per credit)
Part-time $438 (per credit)
Auditor $219 (per credit)
Thesis continuation $500
Application $60
Registration - Fall/Spring Semester

$150 (per semester)

Registration - Winter - (MDiv./MA. only)


Late registration $50
Student Activities Fee $75 (per semester)
Transcript $10 (per transcript)**
Diploma replacement $30
Change of program fee $100***
Transfer Credit & Advanced Standing with Credit fee  $25 (per credit)****

*There is no registration fee for Summer Term registration

 **processing fee is waived for transcripts processed in 8-10 business days and sent by normal mail. Students who request expedited processing will be charged the transcript processing fee and cost of special mailing. 

***Program change requires the approval of the faculty council.

****Transfer credit fee is waived for New York Theological Group cross-registration.

Note: All MDiv students are required to complete one unit of Clinicial Pastoral Education (CPE) at a local hospital.  This unit is usually taken during the summer following the freshmen year, or during the middler year.  Students are responsible for the CPE hospital fee, which in the New York region is usually $850.  For more information please visit the webpage of the Health Care Chaplaincy.