Wichita Academic Convocation

Fr Chad Hatfield Wichita Academic Convocation
St George Orthodox Christian Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas hosted the
first off-site SVS Academic Convocation on May 21st. The Trustees and
Faculty bestowed the degree of Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) upon
Professor Anthony P. Gythiel with Fr John Behr, Fr Chad Hatfield and
Ted Bazil traveling to Wichita for the special convocation.

Faculty from Wichita State University, where Dr Gythiel is a
distinguished professor, along with others from Friends University and
Bethal College participated in the colorful event with over 300 people
in attendance.

Dr Keith Pickus, WSU Provost spoke beautifully regarding the high
esteem that Tony Gythiel enjoys from his academic peers. Dean Behr in
awarding the degree also noted the quiet labor of a scholar who
devotes so much to translation. Chancellor Hatfield spoke of the
history of giving honorary doctorates and accolades and thanks were
given by both Protopresbyter Paul O’Callaghan, Dean of St George
Cathedral and His Grace, BASIL of Wichita and Mid-America.

Glenn Kubina, M.D. an SVS Trustees was MC for the occasion and both he
and Bishop BASIL hosted gatherings to honor Dana and Tony Gythiel and
to promote the work of SVS in Wichita where the seminary has a long
history of support.

One woman in attendance said: “I will always hold fondly the memory of
Tony’s ceremony. There was a holiness upon that place in a way I can
hardly express. A timeless meeting of God and man with pageantry and
prayer intermingled.”

Photgraphs from this special event are available here.