Podcast Now Playing: “Becoming a Healing Presence,” by faculty member Dr. Albert S. Rossi

29 September 2011 • Ancient Faith Radio Podcast

"We are a healing presence to others when we give them strength and when we give them hope," said Dr. Albert S. Rossi, our adjunct professor of Pastoral Theology, during a recent interview on Ancient Faith Radio. The interview, titled, "Becoming a Healing Presence: Through Christ, We Learn to Bring Healing to Others," is divided into two episodes: "Welcome: Definition of a Healing Presence" and "God Heals Others through Us." The episodes are featured podcasts on the radio show, and both may be heard here.

During his interview, Dr. Rossi explores "how the fire of God's healing presence can flow right through us to others." He also explains how to imitate Christ, "our complete healer, who desires nothing more than for us to be His humanity on earth—His healing presence to others."

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