Summer Session Launches 2017 D.Min. Cohort

Fellowship in the St. Vladimir's refectoryFellowship in the St. Vladimir's refectory23–26 June 2014 • On-Campus • Doctor of Ministry program

Meet the D.Min. Faculty and read about the D.Min. program at St. Vladimir's

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Traveling from around the United States and Canada, eight members of the 2017 Cohort for the Doctor of Ministry Program from three Orthodox jurisdictions gathered on the Yonkers campus of St. Vladimir's Seminary for a June orientation that launched their D.Min. studies. The packed schedule included in-depth discussions with faculty and fellow students that focused on the framework for the D.Min. program, the nature of Orthodox Christian ministry, and the immense challenges facing priests and lay leaders today. Cohort members shared the campus with the deacons-in-training who wereThree Hierarchs Chapel: OCA Chancellor Fr. John Jillions greets D.Min. cohort and facultyThree Hierarchs Chapel: OCA Chancellor Fr. John Jillions greets D.Min. cohort and faculty attending their liturgical practicum. 

The orientation sessions were led by The Very Rev. Dr. Joseph Purpura, Dr. Gayle Woloschak, The Very Rev. Dr. John Jillions, The Rev. Dr. Nicholas Solak, SVOTS Dean The Very Rev. Dr. John Behr, and The Rev. Dr. Sergius Halvorsen. Reflecting on the orientation, D.Min. Program Director Fr. Sergius remarked, "Of course, some of our discussion was focused on the nuts and bolts of the program. However, the most valuable outcome was for the students and faculty to begin to form a community of teachers and learners. A doctoral program like this is an amazing opportunity to focus on truly pressing questions, and the more that we support one another academically and spiritually, the better chance that our work will be of benefit to those we are called to serve.

"After all the work that was required to bring this program to this point," concluded Fr. Sergius, "it was such an inspiration to meet the first cohort. They are a wonderful group and I am so privileged to work with them."