VOTE HERE!: Alumni Association Elections Open

7 October 2011 • Alumni EventDirector of Alumni Relations PDn. Joseph Matusiak encourages all SVOTS alums to VOTE!Director of Alumni Relations PDn. Joseph Matusiak encourages all SVOTS alums to VOTE!

"The Alumni Association of St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary is announcing the opening of elections to the Alumni Board," says our Director of Alumni Relations and Recruitment, Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak. "All SVOTS Alumni are encouraged to participate in the election of three new board members."

"The Alumni Board," expalins PDn. Joseph, "is made up of nine members, and reserves seats for the Serbian Orthodox Church, Antiochian Orthodox Church, Oriental Churches, Orthodox Church in America, and the Greek Orthodox Church, and for representation by women, with the remaining seats being 'at-large' members. This is an attempt to keep each group that comprises our alumni represented. 

"The Alumni Board has been without a representative from the Serbian Orthodox Church for two years," he continues. "This year we received only one nomination from the Serbian Orthodox Church, who is Fr. Christopher Rocknage. Therefore, because the 'Serbian' seat is open and there is no opposition, Fr. Christopher Rocknage is not part of this year's ballot but is therefore elected to the Alumni Board."

PDn. Joseph lists the other candidates for office as:

  • Dena Fokas Moses (GOA)—SVOTS 2005; worked for Parliament of World Religions; The Algeron Sydney Sullivan Foundation; The Fund for Theological Education. Married with one child. Currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Patricia Schellbach (OCA)—SVOTS 1996; works for Cleveland City Schools as a School Psychologist, received Doctorate in Education in May 2011. Currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with husband, Fr. Paul Schellbach. 
  • Fr. Nathan Preston (OCA)—SVOTS 2007; Rector of St Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church, Queens, New York. Currently lives in Queens, New York. 
  • Kh. Stefanie Yazge (AOC)—SVOTS 1986; worked for Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Terre Haute, Indiana as Assistant Professor in Theology Department; Currently teaches part-time at Seton Hill University. Is a published author for the series "Encountering Women of Faith." Married to Fr. Anthony Yazge (SVOTS 1988). 
  • Fr. John Stefero (OCA)—SVOTS 1969; worked as a US Air Force Chaplain. Currently retired living in Georgia with wife Denise.
  • Fr. Angelo Artemas (GOA)—SVOTS 1989; Rector St. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church, Glenview, Illinois. Currently lives in Glenview, Illinois.

To vote please click here.  Elections will close on Friday, October 21, at 5:00 p.m. EST.

View a list of our current Alumni Association Board members, including President Fr. David Barr, here.