Professor Shevzov Delivers “Orthodoxy in America Lecture” at Fordham

Vera Shevzov, professor of Religious Studies at Smith College, and a St. Vladimir’s Alumna (M.Div. ‘86), presented the annual “Orthodoxy in America Lecture” held at Fordham University on September 27, 2016: “Religion in America through Orthodox Eyes: The Travelogue of a Nineteenth-Century Russian Orthodox Thinker.”

Professor Shevzov gave listeners a glimpse of nineteenth-century New York City through the eyes of Alexander Pavlovich Lopukhin, an Orthodox Christian and graduate of St. Petersburg Theological Academy, who later became a professor of ancient history, biblical scholar, publicist, and translator. Dr. Shevzov used as a source a travelogue that Lopukhin had written, meant to introduce America to Russian readers back home.

The “Orthodoxy in America Lecture” series at Fordham University explores the Orthodox tradition as it intersects with the American religious experience. Since it is housed within a Roman Catholic institution, the lecture series provides an unparalleled opportunity for an advanced ecumenical conversation about common issues faced by the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions.

The 2016 Orthodoxy in America Lecture was supported in part by The Nicholas J. & Anna K. Bouras Foundation, Inc.