Dr. Paul Meyendorff

The Alexander Schmemann Professor of Liturgical Theology
  • B.A., Trinity College, Hartford, CT, 1972 (Honors, Phi Beta Kappa)
  • M.Div., St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, 1975 (magna cum laude)
  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 1987
  • Institut Saint-Serge, Paris, France, Doctorat honoris causa, 2013


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  • Numerous book reviews, chiefly in Worship and St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly.
Teaching Experience: 
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, 2002-2007.
  • Fr Alexander Schmemann Professor of Liturgical Theology, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, 1997-present (Instructor, 1987-1988; Assistant Professor, 1987-1991; Associate Professor, 1991-1997).
  • Visiting Professor, Yale Divinity School, Fall 1997.
  • Visiting Professor, Graduate Program in Liturgy, University of Notre Dame, Spring 1999 (Visiting Associate Professor, Summer 1991, Spring 1993, 1995, 1997).
  • Adjunct Professor, Drew University, Doctoral Program in Liturgical Studies, 1989-present.
  • Editor, St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, 1996-2001, 2007-present.
  • Editor, Orthodox Liturgy Series, St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2009-present.
  • Associate Editor, St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1994-1996.
Church & Professional Activities: 
  • Department of Worship, Orthodox Church in America, co-chairman, 1989-2004.
  • Office of Interchurch Relations and Ecumenical Witness, Orthodox Church in America, 2000-present.
  • North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation, 2003-present.
  • St Irenaeus Orthodox-Catholic Working group, 2004-present
  • Pre-Conciliar Commission, Orthodox Church in America, 9th All-American Council (St Louis, 1985), 10th All-American Council (Miami, 1992), 11th All-American Council (Chicago, 1995), 12th All-American Council (Pittsburgh, 1999), 13th All-American Council (Orlando, 2002), Consultant, 14th All-American Council (Toronto, 2005), 15th All-American Council (Pittsburgh, 2008).
  • Metropolitan Council, At-large delegate, Orthodox Church in America, 1992-1999; At-large alternate, 2008-present.
  • Faith and Order Commission, National Council of Churches, 1992-2003; Chairman, 1996-1999; Co-Chair, 2000-2003; Executive Committee, 1992-2003.
  • National Council of Churches, Executive Board, 1996-2003.
  • Faith and Order Commission, World Council of Churches, 2003-present; Standing Commission, 2003-2006.
  • Participant in consultations sponsored by the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission, Prague (June 2000), Faverges, France (October 2001), Vienna (April 2004).  Member of drafting groups for Faith and Order statements on Christian Anthropology, (2005) and the Mutual Recognition of Baptism (2005).
  • Worship Committee, 8th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches (Harare, Zimbabwe, 1998), 1994-1998.
  • Orthodox Theological Society of America, Secretary, 1999; Vice-president, 1999-2001; President, 2001-2003.
  • North American Academy of Liturgy, member of Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the North American Academy of Liturgy, 1995-2008.
  • Societas Liturgica.
  • Society for Oriental Liturgy