Ian Jones

Ian Jones

Lecturer in Church History

Ian Jones is a Ph.D. candidate in Theology at Fordham University, writing his dissertation on Greek and Latin patristic understandings of animals and human dominion over them. Under the direction of Dr. George Demacopoulos, he aims to articulate a patristic-based ethical vision for the treatment of animals today. While at Fordham, Mr. Jones has taught several semesters of "Faith and Critical Reason" to undergraduate students. He graduated from St. Vladimir's Seminary in May 2009, having written an M.A. thesis titled, "Divine Grace and the Human Will in St John Cassian's Thirteenth Conference." Prior to pursuing theological studies, Mr. Jones practiced as an attorney in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, and served as a law clerk in federal district court in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This academic year, he will teach courses at St. Vladimir's on "The History and Theology of the Church from Origins to the Medieval Period," and "Christian Ethics and Ecology."