The Very Rev. Dr. John Behr, 2012 Travels

10–11 February

Princeton University, NJ: Second Annual Symposium in Honor of Father Florovsky ; talk entitled “The Body of the Living Christ: The Patristic Doctrine of the Church" (St. Irenaeus)

3–5 March

Piedmont, South Carolina: Saturday, March 3: St. John of the Ladder Orthodox Church, rector, Fr. Marcus Burch; lecture, 4 p.m.

Greenville, South Carolina: Sunday, March 4: St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral; Sunday of Orthodoxy Divine Liturgy, homilist, 10 a.m.

Fr. John Behr presenting clergy retreat at St. John the Ladder Orthodox Church, Greenville, NC.Fr. John Behr presenting clergy retreat at St. John the Ladder Orthodox Church, Greenville, NC.Monday, March 5: Diocese of the South (OCA), Carolinas Deanery Clergy Retreat; contact: Archpriest Marcus Burch

Greenville, South Carolina: Monday, March 5: Furman Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), dinner, 6 p.m.

Greenville, South Carolina:Monday, March 5, Furman University Daniel Chapel,sponsored by OCF and The Mere Christianity Forum, Inc.; lecture

13–14 March

Alhambra, California: Tuesday, March 13: St. Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral,dinner and public lecture titled "The Mystery of Death as Theological and Pastoral Challenge"

Wednesday, March 14

Alhambra, California: Western American Diocese Clergy Confession and RetreatSt. Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Pre-sanctified Liturgy, 10:30 a.m., followed by breakfast and lecture titled "The Mystery of Death as Theological and Pastoral Challenge"

15 March

Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America, public lecture entitled “Earth That Suffers: The Struggle to Become Human in the Early Church,” 5:15 p.m.

22–25 March

Ottawa, Ontario Canada: Friday, March 22, Augustine CollegeWeston Lecture

Ottawa, Ontario Canada: Sunday, March 25: Cathedral Parish of the Annunciation (OCA), concelebrating Divine Liturgy for patronal feast

20–21 April

Claremont, CaliforniaClaremont Graduate University, National Theology Conference, with theme “What are the most compelling theological issues today? Issues and Trends in Contemporary Theology”; talk entitled “Let us return to the word delivered in the beginning” (Polycarp)

4–5 May

Toledo, Ohio, consecration of Bishop-elect Archimandrite Alexander Golitzen (Bulgarian Archdiocese, OCA)

6 May

Flint, Michigan, St. George Antiochian Church (AOCANA), rector, Archpriest Joseph Abud; concelebrating Divine Liturgy and homilist

7–10 June

Kansas City, Kansas: Orthodox Clergy retreat and public talks, contact: Archpriest Timothy Sawchak

9–12 July

Durham University, United Kingdom: Conference: “A Celebration of Living Theology: Engaging with the Work of Andrew Louth,” talk entitled “Studying the Fathers in the Twenty First Century”The XX International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox TheologyThe XX International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Theology

1–5 August

Eagle River, Alaska: Eagle River Summer Institute, St. John Orthodox Cathedral (AOCANA),  talk entitled “Becoming Human” 

5–8 September

Bose, Italy: XX International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Theology, The Monastic Community of Bose, Italy;presentation of paper entitled “Nature, Wounded and Healed, in Early Patristic Thought”

17 September

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada: Trinity Western Universitylecture entitled “Patristic Humanism:The Beginning of ChristianPaedeia” 

21 September

Annual Meeting of the Orthodox Theological Society (OTSA); The John G. Family Rangos Building, St. Vladimir's Seminary, Yonkers, NY; Father Georges Florovsky Lecture, 7:30 p.m. 

17–19 October

Toronto, Ontario Canada: Wednesday, October 17: Wycliffe Collegeinformal talk and meeting with students, talk entitled "Becoming Human: In the Image of Christ"

Friday, October 19: Toronto School of Theologytalk entitled “The Rule of Faith”Fr. John visits with parishioners in Wayne, NJFr. John visits with parishioners in Wayne, NJ

25–27 October

Dayton, OhioUniversity of Dayton, Center for Scriptural Exegesis, Philosophy, and Doctrine,conference with the theme, “Dei Verbum: Toward a Clarification of the Inspiration of Scripture”; lecture entitled “The Patristic Understanding of Scriptural Inspiration”

2 December

Wayne, NJ: Holy Resurrection Church