Very Rev. Dr. John Behr, Travels


 2015 Travel Schedule for Fr. John Behr

Read about Fr. John's ten international trips in 2015

6-8 February 2015 · Cambridge, UK Madingley Hall talk on "Patristic Text as Icons" in the Friends of Mount Athos symposium titled "'Rightly University of Austria, where Fr. John will lecture in AprilUniversity of Austria, where Fr. John will lecture in AprilDividing the Word of Truth': A Symposium in Honour of Metropolitan Kallistos"

28 February · Milan, Italy  Theological Faculty of Northern Italy, Archdiocese of Milan, sponsoring a conference in collaboration with other 13 theological schools, themed "Jesus Christ and the new humanism"; Fr. John is addressing the topic of "Life's beginning and end, and the way to approach illness"  

7—11 March · Manton, CA  Monastery of St. John of San Francisco, offering Lenten retreat 

14 March · Shirley, NY  Leading Lenten retreat at St. John the Theologian parish (OCA) with Archpriest Jonathan Ivanoff

19-20 March  · Wheaton, IL Wheaton College, Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies conference, "Divine Simplicity"

26–29 March · Waco, TX  Leading Lenten retreat at St. Andrew Orthodox Church (Antiochian) with Fr. John Ballard

Fr. John leads a Lenten retreat at St. John the Theologian in Shirley, NYFr. John leads a Lenten retreat at St. John the Theologian in Shirley, NY14–19 April · Vienna, Austria  Presentation at the University of Vienna; meetings with Orthodox communities and leaders

1–5 May · Colchester, UK  Presentation for a symposium at Wivenhoe House, at the University of Essex, titled "Forgiveness and Healing in the Face of Moral Injury." Sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, a think tank devoted to the discussion of foundational, contemporary questions in science, religion, and society

21–24 May · Prague, Czech Republic  International scientific doctoral and post-doctoral conference, "Ecumenical Reception and Critique of 20th Century Orthodox Theology in Exile and Diaspora."  Father John will present a paper entitled "From Synchronic Mind to Diachronic Symphony: Returning to the Fathers after a Neo-Patristic Detour"  

3–10 June · St. Petersburg, Russia  Lecture series co-sponsored by the Postgraduate School of the Russian Orthodox Church and the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

28 June–2 July · Madrid, Spain  Presenting a paper at the "Bare Life and the Moral Life Symposium" on St. Louis University's Madrid campus

20–24 July · Atlanta, Georgia  All American Council, Orthodox Church in America

10–14 August · Oxford, UK  Presentation at the XVII International Conference on Patristic Studies, in the Examination Schools in the High Street

4 September · Amsterdam, The Netherlands

9–12 September  · Bose, Italy    XXIII International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality, hosted by the Monasterio di Bose

5–7 October · Northern Indiana  Episcopal Diocese Northern Indiana Retreat, speaking on "Becoming Human"

22–27 November · India  Traveling with His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon in an official visit to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church


25 February · Ontario, Canada  Kings University College

25 September – 1 October · Ireland  "One in Christ" conference