Campus and Student News

St Vladimir Thanksgiving Feast, 2015St Vladimir Thanksgiving Feast, 2015Students, faculty, staff, trustees and visitors at St. Vladimir's share food and fellowship all year long; at our annual Thanksgiving Feast and in our weekly Sunday potlucks; through our Lenten gatherings after Presanctified Liturgies and when St. Nicholas pays his annual visit to our community; in the evening hours when we swap babysitting services and serve together in ministry to the homeless of New York City. Living side by side is both challenging and rewarding. 

Seminarians attend Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) Winter Conference

First-year Seminarian Daniel Bein represented St. Vladimir’s Seminary at the 2017 Eastern College Conference of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), which was held at Antiochian Village in Bolivar, PA, December 27–30. Seminarian Daniel serves as an enthusiastic Class Representative on the Student Council here at the Seminary, and at the recent OCF conference, he was given a unique opportunity to speak to all attendees—an impromptu invitation issued by conference organizers.

A Children’s Christmas Pageant Lights My Way

By Khouria Mary Honoré

On December 15 children and families of our St. Vladimir’s community presented a small concert and Nativity pageant, including a special procession in honor of Saint Lucia, the 3rd-century martyr who had brought light and nourishment to her fellow Christians held within a darkened prison. What glorious, sacred, adorable, holy chaos! Watching my two young sons and their friends wander about the seminary chapel in their attempts to tell the story of Christ’s birth was (let’s just be honest) slightly hilarious.

Student Society Seeks Missionary Opportunities Far and Near

Student Society Seeks Missionary Opportunities Far and NearStudent Society Seeks Missionary Opportunities Far and NearThe St. Innocent Mission Society—a student initiative under the auspices of the Student Council here at St. Vladimir’s Seminary—continues to be a tour de force on campus, introducing seminarians to missionary opportunities both near and far.