Campus and Student News

St Vladimir Thanksgiving Feast, 2015St Vladimir Thanksgiving Feast, 2015Students, faculty, staff, trustees and visitors at St. Vladimir's share food and fellowship all year long; at our annual Thanksgiving Feast and in our weekly Sunday potlucks; through our Lenten gatherings after Presanctified Liturgies and when St. Nicholas pays his annual visit to our community; in the evening hours when we swap babysitting services and serve together in ministry to the homeless of New York City. Living side by side is both challenging and rewarding. 

Students Explore the Meaning and Purpose of the Icon

Professor Schneider discusses a museum exhibit with his Iconology studentsProfessor Schneider discusses a museum exhibit with his Iconology studentsSt. Vladimir's Seminary Professor of Hermeneutics and Liturgical Art Richard Schneider recently led a group from his Orthodox Iconology class to New Haven, CT, for a day of viewing Christian art and icons. The class started at an exhibit of Russian icons at the Knights of Columbus Museum. The next stop was the Yale University Art Gallery, where the group viewed wall paintings from the earliest surviving Christian house church at Dura-Europos. Finally, the class visited Yale Divinity School to view an exhibit of icons by the contemporary Greek iconographer George Kordis.

Filming at St. Vladimir's

Filming at St. Vladimir's (Photo: D. Belonick)Filming at St. Vladimir's (Photo: D. Belonick)In early April, 2014, a Russian film crew visited St. Vladimir's Seminary to interview people for a documentary on the life and influence of Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann (+1983), former dean of the seminary. The work of these filmmakers was itself filmed by Dn. Gregory Uhrin, an Orthodox Christian and producer at YCN, a TV station that covers south and central Vermont, and New Hampshire's Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region.

Western Students Meet with Diocesan Deans

Two deans from the Diocese of the West, Orthodox Church in America (OCA), visited seminarians from their diocese during the last week of February, 2014. The Very Rev. David Brum of the Desert Deanery and The Very Rev. Matthew Tate from the Mission Deanery met with students to hear about their time at St. Vladimir's, and to offer encouragement about future ministry and educational endeavors.