Welcome! Learn about Our Community


We hope you will be numbered among those Orthodox Christians who live in community with us — a rare and challenging opportunity.  One of the enriching qualities of St Vladimir’s is the diversity of our students: we are single and married, male and female, fresh out of college and coming from established careers, and from many Orthodox jurisdictions in the U.S. and abroad. We are united by our common desire to be formed and shaped for service in Christ’s Church.

Our program is structured for intentional intellectual, emotional, and spiritual formation: in classroom instruction; in living the rhythm of the daily cycle of services; in discovering one’s strengths and weaknesses by living in close proximity to others; through regular prayer, Scripture reading, meditation, silence, and participation in the sacramental life of the Church; and through the development of pastoral sensitivity. (Read Fr. Theophan Whitfield's perceptive and powerful meditation on his formation at St. Vladimir's.)

Family Life

Our campus life takes into account families of students. We provide a wives’ program, "St. Juliana Society," that prepares clergy wives for co-ministry. We also have a weekly church school program, including a popular “Kid’s Café” held after Sunday Liturgies. Some of our campus children attend the Yonkers Public School system, but many are homeschooled. Stay-at-home campus moms may arrange with working moms to become caretakers for their children, thus benefiting both families.

Living spaces

The seminary offers a variety of campus housing—from single dormitory rooms to our Lakeside Apartments. You can view photos of living arrangements, which are determined annually by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Better yet, please visit our campus during one of our biannual Open Houses. 


During the course of the academic year, faculty, staff, and students, gather to "break bread" during common meals — namely, the kick-off picnic, the pre-Thanksgiving Day meal, the Holy Thursday meal, and the year-end picnic. Students also meet informally to enjoy each other’s company: potlucks are popular! At our talent shows, everyone gets a chance to share song, dance, poetry, and instrumental music: anyone, from “Elvis” to “Pavarotti,” may show up! Additionally, through our E-campus system, students exchange tips for living in the New York Metro area, prayer requests, and other concerns.

The Big Apple

Living near New York City (20 miles south) requires an adjustment for some students and families, but the experience can be enriching. Museums, Broadway, opera, restaurants, sports venues, gardens, historic sites, and parks are at our doorstep. Additionally, the NY Metro area has provided spouses of seminarians opportunities to train at major universities, and to find high paying jobs to support their families.