Pray. Pursue. Proclaim.

Procession with the Cross in the dim light of dusk


For Such a Time as This

To be compelled does not suggest obligation. Instead, to be compelled means in the face of current reality we have no other choice but to band together to shine the Light and Hope of Christ in an increasingly dark world.

Together, we can build an Orthodox future to push back the darkness and point to the Light of the World—one that is eternal and will last forever.


Prayer, especially corporate prayer, ensures we never lose sight of the reality that we are participating in God’s plan to redeem the world. At St Vladimir’s, our seminarians are taught to restore within everyone a sense of the Holy centered on the communal experience of the Eucharist. As a residential community, we lean into the Liturgy and offer constant prayer to God, for the life of the world.


Personal transformation into the likeness of Christ is the solution to the growing desperation in the world. At St Vladimir’s, our seminarians are taught to desire personal transformation by inspiring a profound and ongoing conversion in Christ. This transformation is not just an abstract idea—it is an authentic, personal, ongoing relationship with Christ.


The Gospel must be spoken—even when the words fall on deaf ears. At St Vladimir’s, our seminarians are prepared to share Hope with the world by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the Truth of the Gospel. For such a time as this, the world needs pastors who are missionary-minded, courageous, and compassionate. 

Fr Christopher Foley receives group of catechumens into the Church
Fr David Wooten & Newly Illumined

In High Point, NC, Fr Christopher Foley (Class of '06) recently baptized and chrismated fifteen people amid an ongoing influx of seekers and catechumens. In San Antonio, TX, Fr David Wooten (Class of '12) is seeing a similar trend at his parish, and he planned to receive several catechumens into the Church on Holy Saturday. Your generosity provides the tools Fr Christopher and Fr David need to grow disciples of the Risen Christ and inspire them to participate as one Body, united. Here's how. 

Send Orthodoxy to the Edges of the World

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Alumni Around the World




We are hearing stories from our alumni in Guatemala, Norway, South Korea, Mexico, all over North America, and elsewhere. These men and women are exhibiting the type of missionary leadership the world needs for such a time as this.

Through your faithful support, we’ve been sending courageous priests and lay leaders willing to follow Jesus into the farthest and darkest places. It is your generosity that is ensuring the future of Orthodoxy, the strength of individual parishes, and the ability to continue to send priests on mission to be catalysts for the Gospel until the whole world hears and knows the hope that is eternal and the light that will never grow dim.

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