Chaplain's Weekly Reflections

Weekly, our Campus Chaplain, Archpriest Steven J. Belonick, writes about seminary life, ordained and lay ministry, and the importance of maintaining a close relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.  We invite you to read through his thoughtful reflections, wrought from his more than 21 years of experience as a parish priest and his 11 years of life at St. Vladimir's Seminary.

1st Reflection: Living in Community59.06 KB
2nd Reflection:Living a Life of Gratitude52.27 KB
3rd Reflection: The Quality of Attentiveness46.83 KB
4th Reflection: Conformed to His Image50.19 KB
5th Reflection: Our Life is Changed Through Ministry47.14 KB
6th Reflection: Historians and Spies49.1 KB
7th Reflection: In the Midst of Two Fears51.01 KB
8th Reflection: Generational Sin45.75 KB
9th Reflection: Hollines Adorns your House39.54 KB
10th Reflection: When Brothers Dwel in Unity39.87 KB
11th Reflection: Do not be Anxious41 KB
12th Reflection: Wired for Distraction49.13 KB
13th Reflection: Expect the Unespected45.84 KB
14th Reflection: Humble Love45.21 KB
15th Reflection: Blessing Water46.04 KB
16th Reflection: Procrastination35.98 KB
17th Reflection: Prodigal Son42.9 KB
18th Reflection: Lament of Adam68.28 KB
19th Reflection: Stages of Faith57.4 KB
20th Reflection: Giving Alms55.05 KB
21st Reflection: Demon of Despondency50.4 KB
22nd Reflection: Prayer of St. Ephraim37.5 KB
23rd Reflection: Leap of Faith27.16 KB
24th Reflection: Hidden Motives, Pure Blessings50.6 KB
25th Reflection: Becoming More Human54.78 KB
26th Reflection: One Thing Needful for Pastors37.46 KB
27th Reflection: Developing a Pastor's Heart58.68 KB
28th Reflection: Way into the Kingdom64.2 KB