Filming at St. Vladimir's

Filming at St. Vladimir's (Photo: D. Belonick)Filming at St. Vladimir's (Photo: D. Belonick)In early April, 2014, a Russian film crew visited St. Vladimir's Seminary to interview people for a documentary on the life and influence of Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann (+1983), former dean of the seminary. The work of these filmmakers was itself filmed by Dn. Gregory Uhrin, an Orthodox Christian and producer at YCN, a TV station that covers south and central Vermont, and New Hampshire's Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region.

Deacon Gregory, a member of the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Claremont, NH, where The Very Rev. Andrew Tregubov (SVOTS '95) is pastor, participated one year in the Diaconal Practicum offered each summer at St. Vladimir's. A large part of this local TV production consisted of his interview with Fr. Andrew, and was filmed at the Holy Resurrection parish. 

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