Final Summer Program: “Suffering and the Nature of Healing”

The value of a course like this is measured not only in the readings and assignments, but in the sharing of the incredible experiences that Dan and Jane have gone through in their lives as doctors and Orthodox Christians..all the readings of the course were expertly crafted to provide us with a new perspective on suffering, death and healing.

-Seminarian Ian Abodeely

I would recommend this course as an invaluable aid to those who engage in pastoral counseling with those facing end-of-life issues.

-Dn. John Mamangakis, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, New Rochelle, NY

In such a society as we live in today, with its death–denying tendencies, exploring topics such as we did these last few weeks helped to soften our hearts to be more effective and compassionate witnesses to Christ and His Church.

-Seminarian Tristan Gall

I gained a much better understanding of the connection between Orthodoxy and healing. It will make me a better chaplain.

-Marina Smith

The discussions were lively and interesting. Dr. Hinshaw and his wife provide unique Orthodox insights into the world of medicine.

-Seminarian Stephen Osburn

For preparation or for added perspective, this course is of exceptional value to those interested in Clinical Pastoral Education, or those who have already completed their program.

-Seminarian Sara Kalayjian

...crucial to the Christian ministry—a wealth of information and knowledge.

-Seminarian Burke Vair

...a glimpse, through the eyes of an acclaimed surgeon and palliative care physician at a leading academic medical center, into the journey of healing at the heart of Orthodox tradition.

-Participant John Stonestreet