The Purpose of St. Vladimir's Seminary Quarterly is to serve our English-speaking Orthodox Communicants in America in the fields of theological knowledge and religious education. The editorial content will include articles on basic problems of Christian Faith and life, as well as sermons and translations of the Liturgical texts and writings of the Holy Fathers.

The aim of the Quarterly is, on the one hand, to introduce to the English-speaking Orthodox (and other Christians) the rich Tradition of the Church; and on the other hand, to interpret the current issues of the day in the light of our Holy Faith and Tradition.

In this issue, a special section is devoted to the Chronicle of St. Vladimir's Seminary, the sponsoring institution of this publication. By its charter, St. Vladimir's Seminary is intended to be not only a training school for the ministry, but also a center of theological research and study, with the purpose of spreading knowledge and understanding of our Orthodox Faith, History, and Spirituality in America.

The Quarterly is a modest attempt to serve this purpose. Formal authorization for its publication was received by the Dean of the Seminary, The V. Rev. George Florovsky, D.D., in the communication reproduced below:

“The office of the Metropolitan Council has the honor to inform you that on your communication regarding the publication of the St. Vladimir's Seminary Quarterly, His Eminence, The Most Reverend Metropolitan Leonty presented the following resolution:

“ ‘March 20, 1952, No. 905. My blessing upon this most useful undertaking by the Corporation of St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Academy of New York. This type of endeavor is a continuation of and successor to the academic theological journals of Old Russia and will serve the glory of Holy Orthodoxy in the land of freedom. Metropolitan Leonty'.”

[Signed: The V. Rev. Protopresbyter, Feofan Buketoff]
  Member, Metropolitan Council.
[Signed: The V. Rev. Mitred Joseph Pishtey]
  Member, Metropolitan Council.

St. Vladimir's Seminary Quarterly , Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 1952, p. 2