Insurance Information

UPDATED February 1, 2012

The seminary requires that each full-time or residential student and dependents be covered by health insurance.  The seminary policy applies to domestic as well as international students.  Proof of health insurance must be demonstrated by registration at both the fall and spring semesters.  Students unable to provide proof of health insurance will not be allowed to register for classes.  Prior to the beginning of each new academic year the seminary makes available a Proof of Health Insurance Form that each student is required to complete and return before the beginning of classes.

Upon acceptance of their offer of admission all full-time students are automatically enrolled in the seminary's Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan (administered by United Health Care).  Information on this plan and its coverage may be found in the plan description.  If students wish to opt out of this plan they must submit a waiver.  Please note that students enrolled in the seminary's plan must still submit a "Proof of Insurance" form.

New York State residents have the option of applying for New York State Medicaid.  For additional information and limitations of the program, students are urged to visit the New York State website.

Students from other states and living on our campus are not considered New York State residents and therefore not eligible for New York State Medicaid.  As one option, they may apply for Medicaid from their own state. The local medical facility, Lawrence Hospital, will accept Medicaid policies from other states.  At the time of care, Lawrence Hospital requires that students provide their state’s insurance provider’s number and telephone number for the purpose of verification.  Infants born in New York State are automatically enlisted as New York State residents. Child Health Plus of New York covers pregnancy and delivery.  Visit here and navigate to “Child Health Plus.”

Questions regarding health insurance may be directed to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs at 914-961-8313, ext. 322 or by email at