Mayan Orthodoxy: Explosion of Faith”

Just four years ago, membership in the Orthodox Church figuratively exploded in Latin America when tens of thousands of Guatemalan natives of Mayan ancestry turned to the ancient faith. On Sunday, May 18, 2014, 7 p.m., St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary will host a public presentation entitled "Mayan Orthodoxy: Explosion of Faith" to explain this striking and unprecedented phenomenon.

Jesse Brandow, St. Vladimir's alumnus ('13) and long-term missionary candidate to Guatemala, will give the free and public presentation in the Bashir Auditorium of the Metropolitan Leonty Education Building, and his talk will be recorded by Ancient Faith Radio and appear as a "Voices from St. Vladimir's" podcast. His presentation is being sponsored by the Student Council of the seminary.

Mr. Brandow first traveled to Guatemala in 2009 as part of a short-term mission team. In 2012 he returned to Guatemala to spend the entire summer living and working in the Mayan Orthodox communities.The face of Mayan Orthodoxy: an Orthodox boy smiles outside the church in Todos Santos, GuatemalaThe face of Mayan Orthodoxy: an Orthodox boy smiles outside the church in Todos Santos, Guatemala

"In my presentation, I'll explore the past triumphs and the future challenges of the Mayan communities that now have embraced the Orthodox Christian faith," said Mr. Brandow. "I am constantly seeking new opportunities to build awareness by speaking in parishes and other places throughout the United States.

"I hope that the entire Orthodox world will stand in solidarity with the Mayan Church in Guatemala, and that Orthodoxy will blossom throughout the Spanish-speaking world," he continued. "Guatemala could be just the beginning; I invite people to come and hear how Orthodoxy is bursting into Latin America."

To learn more about Orthodoxy in Guatemala, and for pictures, videos, and updates from all the missionaries, visit the Mayan Orthodoxy Website or email Jesse Brandow.