St. Juliana Society Hosts Mother Nektaria

By Mat. Mary Roth

Leanne Parrott PhotographyLeanne Parrott PhotographyThe St. Juliana Society at St. Vladimir's plans a variety of events with a wide range of speakers who cover topics that have been suggested by former graduates and 2nd- and 3rd-year student wives. For one of our last meetings of the year on Monday evening, May 5, we greatly benefited from a talk offered by Mother Nektaria of the St. Paul Skete in Grand Junction, TN. 

Mother not only spoke about her journey as a nun, and of the spiritual challenges she's faced, but she also provided us with insight on how to endure our unique struggles and difficulties. Her passion for sharing her story and her exhortations that we be our "best selves," encouraged us along our own paths. She emphasized that we are not just priests' wives in the making, but unique creations of God.

She also spoke about the importance of our prayer lives--our need to be quiet and grounded, in order that we might better serve others. Her talk was practical and basic, reminding us of things we often forget. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet her, hear her speak, and ask her questions.

"It is a blessing for me to be the coordinator of this fine group of women, and I will miss those who will be leaving us this month," said our host Mat. Thekla Hatfield, wife of our CEO/Chancellor Fr. Chad. Our last St. Juliana meeting of the 2013-2014 school year will be with guest The Rev. Dn. Evan Freeman, who will discuss iconography.

Matushka Mary Roth, a speech-language pathologist, has been helping to organize the events for St. Juliana for several years. She and her husband Fr. Nicholas are looking forward to their first assignment after Commencement 2014, at St. John of the Ladder Mission with The Very Rev. Marcus Burch (SVOTS '97).