St. Vladimir's Has Talent!

By Peter C. Bouteneff

I didn’t know our first-year student Harrison Russin played the accordion, until he flung it out of its case and launched into a spirited set of Christmas carols at our semi-annual Talent Show. I knew that seminarians Lee and Jamey Bozeman had been accomplished Christian rock musicians and signed recording artists, but I didn’t know how good they could sound with a faculty bass player.

Our winter Talent Show provides the campus community a much-needed opportunity to relax in fellowship just before final exam week. It also gives us the chance to celebrate each other’s talents, and to discover facets of our brothers and sisters that do not come to fore in the classroom, chapel, or on field assignments!

This season, we witnessed song writing, comedic wit, a children’s choir, and more. Everyone laughed, everyone applauded in acclamation. Everyone also was reminded that as Orthodox Christians, we retain and celebrate every gift that each person brings to the church body: preaching, teaching, and service to the needy, of course; but also the beauty that we co-create with the Lord.

See a photo gallery of the Talent Show by Tanya Hoff and Fr. Jason Foster.