Community Welcomes St. Nicholas at Annual Church School Celebration

Community Gathering • By Kate Behr Photo gallery by Tanya Hoff

Distributing GiftsDistributing Gifts

Shining faces, rapt expressions, and sweet voices welcomed St. Nicholas to the annual SVOTS Church School celebration and brunch after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday December 5th. Children and adults alike shared food, carols, and a joyful sense of occasion.

Everyone contributed to the event. Parents and community members set up tables under the guidance of Parent-Co-ordinator, Bettye Malone. Families brought food and more food, until there was no room on the central table for one more dish. Whether babies, toddlers, or lofty teens, the children generated excitem"Oh, who loves Nicholas the saintly?""Oh, who loves Nicholas the saintly?"ent and hope.

When “Oh, who loves Nicholas the saintly?” rang out, it was clear that everyone singing meant every heartfelt word.