SVTQ - special issue on justifiable war

St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly

Volume 47 - Number 1, 2003 - ISSN 0036-3227 - 126 pp

What do Orthodox Christian theologians, historians, ethicists, chaplains, and peace workers have to say about war? This special issue of St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly presents the contemporary debate on this critical and pertinent issue, including arguments drawn from history, patristics, tradition and experience. The debate seeks to define the conditions that constitute a "just war" or whether war is justifiable under any circumstances.



-        Justifiable War as a "Lesser Good" in Eastern Orthodox Moral Tradition - Alexander F. C. Webster

-        Justifiable War: Response #1 - Joseph Woodill

-        Justifiable War: Response #2 - Jim Forest

-        War and the Orthodox Statesman - Nikolas K. Gvosdev

-        Justifiable War: Response #3 - Philip LeMasters

-       Dual Trajectories and Divided Rationales: A Reply to Alexander Webster on Justifiable War - David Pratt

-       "Justifiable War": Lesser Good or Lesser Evil? - John Breck

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