Orthodox Christianity and Higher Education Conference

June 9, 2011 - June 11, 2011

The John G. Rangos Family Building, St. Vladimir's SeminaryThe John G. Rangos Family Building, St. Vladimir's Seminary

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A pan-Orthodox steering committee of scholars and academics is sponsoring a conference on our seminary campus, to explore the possibility of the establishment of a new Orthodox College in North America. Recognizing the increasing desire, and longstanding need, for greater collegiality, familiarity, and scholarly collaboration among Orthodox academics, the committee invites all who are interested in thinking about Orthodoxy and higher education to attend this conference. The conference schedule may be found here. (Look for updates as meeting rooms are assigned. Any changes in speakers will also be updated, should they arise.)

Presentations will be short, 10–15 minutes each, in order to lend the conference the character of a genuine workshop. Orthodox scholars from four different countries and more than a dozen states will be presenting their thoughts on the topic.

The cost for the full conference, including room and board, is $225; for the full conference program and meals only (accommodations off campus), the fee is $150; for the full conference program only (no meals and accommodations off campus), the fee is $50. Single day conference registration will be $30 for Friday, and $15 per day for Thursday and/or Saturday.  Cost for meals per day is $45. Accommodations on the seminary campus will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for $50 per night. For those participants wishing air conditioning and further amenities, please reserve rooms at nearby hotels. Transportation to and from hotels will not be provided.  To register for the conference, click here.

Queries may be directed to the attention of Matushka Tamara Patterson, tamara.j.patterson@gmail.com.

Download the attached flyer and schedule of the Orthodox Christianity and Higher Education Conference, and share it on your social networks with your family, parish family, and friends.

The Orthodox Christianity and Higher Education Conference will be held concordantly with 2011 Summer Programs being sponsored by St. Vladimir’s Seminary on our seminary campus. Find travel directions on our Website.