Fr. Aleksa Pavichevich

First and Last Name: Fr. Aleksa Pavichevich


My home: North Canton, Ohio


Home parish and Jurisdiction: St Stefan of Decani in Columbus, Ohio, Eastern American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church


Do you have a prior degree from St. Vladimir's? What year? M.Div 2008

What is your present profession / vocation, title, and place of employment?

Parish Priest at St George Serbian Orthodox Church in North Canton, Ohio

What is the title of your final Doctor of Ministry Project?

My topic, broadly, is focused on the “Eucharistic Life of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States."

What are the goals of your final Doctor of Ministry Project?

To offer a methodology by which parishes can move from a place of Eucharistic “stagnation” (low understanding and participation) to a place of “vibrancy” (understanding, preparation, and participation).

Where will you be implementing your Doctor of Ministry Project goals?

Initially, this work is being undertaken in my current parish of St. George in North Canton. Ideally, the methodology developed would be usable in other parishes (regardless of jurisdiction).

Would you share one "ah-ha" moment you experienced during your D.Min. on-site intensive in October 2016?

It is difficult to pin down just one standout moment from the on-site intensives. During our week-long sessions, each D.Min. student presents their research, case study, or project—and each new presentation is as enlightening as the last! I think to each of my peers and, apart from the course material, their work and invite has been amazing and invaluable to my ministry. That is, I believe, the point of the on-site intensive—as a cohort we collaborate on our projects and ministries.  This allows us to venture into topics that are challenging, new, and continually full of "ah-ha" moments.