Alumni Bloggers Discuss “A Vision of the OCA in the 21st Century”

17 July 2013 • Alumni News

Andrew Boyd, SVOTS '12Andrew Boyd, SVOTS '12The July issue of Wonder, a monthly publication of the Department of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), features contributions from four St. Vladimir's Seminary alumni authors. The articles, centered around the theme "A Vision of the OCA in the 21st Century," explore the identity and purpose of the Church as it ministers in the unique and challenging environment of the American continent. Alumni authors in the issue include The Very Rev. Michael Koblosh, SVOTS '68, "Orthodoxy Is Not Here By Accident"; The Very Rev. Eric Tosi, SVOTS '96,"Anna and the Church"; Dr. Peter Bouteneff, SVOTS '83 and associate professor of Systematic Theology, "Growing From Our Ethnic Roots";  and Mr. Andrew Boyd, SVOTS '12, "Just the Church."

"Taking inspiration from successful OCA youth magazines from previous decades, the editors of Wonder have a vision," explained Managing Editor and OCA Youth Director Andrew Boyd. "We seek to offer our youth and young adults thought–provoking content from a variety of original sources—professors, bishops, priests, lay–leaders, monastics, and other students. Through this means, we hope to encourage them to critically engage their faith rather than simply being passive bystanders."

The thirty–seven online issues have addressed a wide range of topics, from Christians in the workplace to reflections on the Divine Liturgy. Articles are aimed at stimulating discussion, and are also intended to be used as supportive material for those engaged in campus and young adult ministry. Some of the pieces are complemented by accompanying discussion questions, and are available as downloadable PDFs. To find out more about Wonder, contact Editor Dn. Jason Ketz (SVOTS '12) at