Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak Assumes Position as Director of Alumni and Recruitment

Dn. Joseph Matusiak is our new Director of Alumni and RecruitmentDn. Joseph Matusiak is our new Director of Alumni and Recruitment

St. Vladimir’s welcomes back to our campus alumnus (’06) Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak, as he assumes his new position as Director of Alumni and Recruitment. “I am excited to use my experience, both growing up in the Church and also being a student here, to encourage other students in their vocations and service to the Church,” he said. “I want to create a similar excitement in other students to attend our seminary and to re-ignite the relationships of our alumni with their alma mater.

“Especially, I want to see my work, and that of the seminary, as meeting our alumni where they are. In other terms, what can we do from here, in the areas of continuing education and assistance to them? What can we offer?”

PDn. Joseph formerly spent four years as the deacon and secretary to Archbishop Job, bishop of the Diocese of the Midwest of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), of blessed memory. He also is on the Board of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), a nationwide college campus ministry.

PDn. Joseph will be employed by both SVOTS and the OCA. He will continue with his current positions at the OCA—as Youth and Campus Minister and as the Protodeacon for Metropolitan Jonah—in addition to his new duty of overseeing the departmental ministries of the Church. 

PDn. Joseph’s wife, Nina, and sons, Alexander (5) and Daniel (3), have settled into their new campus apartment, and the SVOTS community is pleased to have them!

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