Women’s fellowship discusses ‘Building Life-Changing Relationships’

4 November 2019 • On Campus

Special guest Michelle Moujaes with Faithtree Resources visited the Seminary’s St. Juliana Society (SJS) Monday evening.

Moujaes is the founder of Faithtree, a pan-Orthodox group of clergy and lay people from diverse backgrounds and professions who have developed Orthodox materials to aid in ministry.

On Monday, she gave her presentation, “Building Life-Changing Relationships: A woman’s guide to amazing relationships with herself, others, and God" to members of SJS.

She said a lot of good things,” said second-year Seminarian Asha Mathai. “It was a great talk!”

In her discussion, Moujaes emphasized five points in building relationships effectively:

  • Know your audience;
  • Identify common values and goals;
  • Have clear rules of engagement;
  • Utilize the church's toolbox;
  • Practice.

When conflicts occur, she advised each person to be the first to apologize, reminding the group of Christ’s words on the cross, “Father, forgive them,” and that Christ did not say “Blessed are the peacekeepers,” but, rather, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

The Wives’ Program on campus was formalized in 2007 to help strengthen the formation of clergy families. In 2010, the fellowship took the name of the St. Juliana Society. Women’s fellowship events and programs on campus also include women seminarians. Read more about women’s fellowship on campus and past events here.