Presenters of The Father Alexander Schmemann Memorial Lecture

Fr. John McGuckin presents the 31st LectureFr. John McGuckin presents the 31st Lecture

1984 Father Boris Bobrinskoy
The Holy Spirit in the Thought of the Cappadocian Fathers

1985 Metropolitan George (Khodr)
St. Basil the Great as Bishop and Pastor

1986 Sir Dimitri Obolensky
The Cyrillo-Methodian Mission: Scriptural Foundations

1987 Professor Nicolas V. Lossky
Traces of Orthodoxy in the West after the Schism

1988 Father Aidan Kavanaugh
Confirmation: From Missa to Chrismation

1989 Father Sergei Hackel
The Orthodox Church of Russia in the Millennium Year 

1990 Metropolitan Theodosius (Lazor)
Canonical Unity in America

1991 Professor Dimitry Pospielovsky
Orthodox Christianity and the Crisis in Soviet Society

1992 Father Thomas Julian Talley
Memory and Hope in the Eucharistic Prayer

1993 Father Thomas FitzGerald
Togetherness in Christ: The Challenge of Conciliarity

1994 Professor Susan Ashbrook Harvey
The Very Fragrance of Paradise: Sense Perception and Knowledge of God in the Church Fathers

1995 Protopresbyter Vitaly Borovoy
Father Schmemann’s Theology in Russia: A Contribution to the Renewal of the Russian Orthodox Church Today

1996 Professor John Wesley Cook
Christian Faith in Contemporary Culture 

1997 Father Alkiviadis Calivas
Worship in the American Context: Issues of Liturgical Inculturation

1998 Professor Remus Rus
The Holy Liturgy and the Divinization of Man and the Cosmos

1999 Father Sergei Glagolev
Father Alexander Schmemann and the Liturgical Revival in the Orthodox Church

2000 Father Paul Schneirla
Orthodoxy in North America: 1950–2000

2001 Professor Paul Valliere
Russian Religious Thought and the Future of Orthodox Theology

2002 Archbishop Demetrios (Trakatellis)
Masterpieces of Human Sensitivities: St. Basil’s Letters 

2003 Professor Albert Raboteau         
Orthodox Christianity and American Culture: Conflict or Transformation?  

2004 Professor Alexander Lingas
Culture, History, and the Future of Orthodox Liturgical Music in America

2005 Father Leonid Kishkovsky
Orthodoxy Today: Tradition of Traditionalism?

2006 Cardinal Avery Dulles (lecture read by Father Joseph T. Lienhard, SJ)
The Imperative of Orthodoxy

2007 Father Paul Lazor
Father Alexander Schmemann: A Personal Memoir

2008 Bishop Basil (Essey)
Father Schmemann as Teacher and Liturgist

2009 Archimandrite Robert F. Taft, SJ
The Liturgical Enterprise Twenty-five Years after Alexander Schmemann (1921–1983): The Man and His Heritage

2010 Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury
Theology and Contemplative Calling: The Image of Humanity in the Philokalia

2011 Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev)
The Meaning of “Icon” in the Orthodox Church

2012 Margaret Barker
Our Great High Priest: The Church as the New Temple

2013 Professor Peter Brown
Constantine, Eusebius, and the Future of Christianity

2014 Father John McGuckin
On the Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

2015 Bishop Nicholas (Ozone)
The Life and Ministry of St. Raphael of Brooklyn

2016 Father Deacon John Chryssavgis
Toward the Great and Holy Council: Retrieving a Culture of Conciliarity and Consensus