Dr. Grant S. White

Dr. Grant S. White

Assistant Professor of Liturgical Theology

Grant White is an Orthodox layperson and a member of the Orthodox Church of Finland. A native of central Kansas, he has taught history of Christian liturgy, liturgical theology, historical theology, church history, patristics, Orthodox theology, history of the ecumenical movement, and history of Christian-Jewish relations in the United States, Finland, and the United Kingdom. He has served as Principal of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, England, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Filantropia, the international missions and development agency of the Orthodox Church of Finland. His interests include: Orthodox theology in the (post-)modern age, the work and legacy of Fr. Lev Gillet, art and spirituality in the modern world, Orthodox theological approaches and pastoral responses to suffering, and Orthodox-Evangelical dialogue. He and his family live in Turku, Finland.

Teaching Interests

  • Liturgical Theology
  • History of Liturgy
  • Christian Spirituality
  • History of Christian Spirituality

Current Projects and Research Interests

  • Book-in-progress (co-authored with SVOTS faculty member Rev. Dr. J. Sergius Halvorsen): on journeying to faith in a world beyond modernity
  • Article-in-progress: a theological reflection on meanings of "welcoming the stranger" in the context of Orthodox Christian liturgical life

Research interests

  • The intersections of spirituality, art, and tradition in 20th-century and 21st-century art
  • Liturgy and digital technology
  • The concept of presence in the context of Christian liturgy, virtual reality, and religious uses of digital technologies
  • The intersections of liturgical life and prophetic witness
  • Contemporary Orthodox ecumenical engagement
  • Theological anthropology
  • Christian-Jewish relations
  • Orthodox theological approaches to other world religions
  • The interpretation of Scripture in the life of the Church
  • Liturgy and mission
  • Contemporary interpretations of catechesis and mystagogy in Orthodox practice today
  • Oriental Orthodox liturgical and theological traditions
  • Orthodoxy in the "west" in the 20th and 21st centuries
  • constructions of Orthodox spirituality in modernity
  • The work of Fr. Lev Gillet
  • Forms of Orthodox theological education
  • Orthodox liturgical renewal and revision
  • Formation of an Orthodox vision of the baptismal vocation of all Christians
  • Historical and contemporary uses of the idea of kenosis in Orthodox theology