Richard Schneider

Richard Schneider

Professor of Hermeneutics and Liturgical Art


Educational Background

  • B.A., Dartmouth College
  • M.F.A., Princeton University
  • M.Phil., Columbia University

Teaching Interests

  • Iconology (theology of the visual)
  • General Hermeneutics
  • Church History
  • Ecumenism
  • Advanced Research Writing
  • Research Thesis Supervising

I hope to develop study-abroad on-site summer iconology courses

Current Projects and Research Interests

Two books in progress: Orthodox Iconology for the St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press “Foundations” series; and Church History 200-451 for the St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press “The Church in History” series

Recent Courses Taught at SVOTS

  • Fundamental Liturgical Iconology
  • Iconology of Church Architecture and Programming
  • Iconology of Christian Art Outside the Church
  • 3 Th.M. seminars on issues of hermeneutics: General Modern Hermeneutics, Problematics of Church History, and What is a Text? (i.e., Post-Modern Hermeneutics)
  • Early Church History
  • Modern Church History
  • Historico-cultural Context of the New Testament (Intertestamental History);
  • Pro-seminar on Research Writing for Theologians

Selected Publications

  • Richard Schneider. "Peace Concepts in Iconography: Can Orthodox Icons Teach a Peace-Theology? an Iconological Interpretation," in Karikottuchira Kuriakose, ed Terrorism, Religion, and Global Peace: from Concepts to Praxis. Piscataway NJ: Gorgias Press, 2012, pp. 319-58.

Recent Conference Presentations and Activities

Academic symposium lectures on Constantine's Christian policy, and on the iconology of innovation in Orthodox iconography in Los Angeles, New York, Belgrade, Prague, Toronto, Sophia Institute, and on Justinianic iconography in Ravenna in Zadar (Croatia)

Recent Awards

  • Chair, Faith and Witness Commission, Canadian Council of Churches (current)
  • President, Canadian Council of Churches (2003-2006)


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