Alumni to speak at Pan-Orthodox Conference on Diaconate

Deborah Belonick

Alumnus Reverend Deacon Nicholas Denysenko, Ph.D. and Alumna Clio Pavlantos, M.A., C.M.A., M.Div. and B.C.C. will both be participating in a Pan-Orthodox Conference entitled, “Renewing the Male and Female Diaconate in the Orthodox Church,” October 6–October 7, 2017, at St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church, 4949 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA.

Deacon Nicholas is Director of the Huffington Ecumenical Institute at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, where he also holds the position of Associate Professor of Theological Studies, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. He is the author of "A Liturgical Theology of Primacyin the volume Primacy in the Church: The Office of Primate and the Authority of Councils. Deacon Nicholas received his doctoral degree from The Catholic University of America and has taught at The Catholic University of America, George Washington University, and at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.

Ms. Pavlantos is currently Staff Chaplain serving the outpatient Breast and Imaging Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City; she is the first chaplain there posted to outpatient care. She received her M.Div. from St. Vladimir's Seminary and holds a chaplain endorsement from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

In four sessions, participants at the conference will hear a variety of presentations on: (1) the present state of the diaconate; (2) ways men and women are engaged in diaconal ministry today; (3) opportunities to engage with both clergy and faithful on the rejuvenation of the male and female diaconate; and (4) current challenges and future possibilities of the diaconate for the building up of the body of Christ.

Among the other presenters at the conference are two seminary faculty members, Archpriest Alexander Rentel, S.E.O.D. and Priest Anthony Gregg Roeber, and one seminary trustee, Reverend Protodeacon Peter Danilchick. For more information or to download a flier, visit the St. Phoebe Center website.

Download a flyer.

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