Revitalizing Parish Music efforts continue in Virginia

April 29, 2018 • Falls Church, VA

The seminary’s initiative to help revitalize music ministry at Orthodox parishes made a stop in Falls Church, Virginia this weekend. On Sunday, St. Vladimir’s Seminary’s Director of Music Robin Freeman led a workshop at St. Mary Orthodox Church.

The Revitalizing Parish Music program  offers training for readers, choir conductors, and choir members in local parish settings.

“It was such a joy to have Robin with us,” said Subdeacon Nicholas Jones, the choir director at St. Mary Orthodox Church. “Her energy and enthusiasm for good music mixed with Orthodox spirituality was essential for helping us continually grow as a choir and in love for God. We learned about many topics that are key to good vocal health, especially in the midst of long services, and could tell an immediate improvement in our sound by the end of the group session.”

Freeman also conducted individual sessions with members of the choir.

Revitalizing Parish Music visits can include half-day, full-day, and weekend workshops for parish choirs. Read a full description of the program, including sample sessions and workshops, and pricing options, here.