Embrace the Love of Christ


On Sunday, October 21, The Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield offered a homily to the gathered community of seminarians and their families, and chapel friends, in Three Hierarchs Chapel. Fr. Chad addressed the confusion and spiritual angst felt by the faithful when clergy and bishops disappoint. "Bishops find themselves often, the centerpiece of division in the Church," he said, "rather than the unifiers they are called to be. They bring scandal, division, and cause people to question. That is how the evil one works."

Fr. Chad emphasized that in Orthodoxy, "we don't argue about the central doctrinal matters—that's not up for debate," but that the behavior of people in Church leadership nevertheless causes people to doubt and sadly, sometimes, even to leave the Church. Fr. Chad noted that people begin to ask themselves, "have I attached myself to that authentic apostolic line which is delivering the truth, Who is none other than Jesus Christ, our Lord, and God, and Savior?"

"Where do we go, when we find ourselves a bit confused, a bit disappointed, even just sour on the whole idea of Church?" he asked. 

Listen to the rest of Fr. Chad's homily for his answer.