Welcome a true Christmas

The Feast of the Nativity 2017

Dear Friend of St. Vladimir’s Seminary,

Our community is preparing “to welcome a true Christmas”—as the 17th century Welsh poet Henry Vaughan writes—one not dedicated to “pomp or frivolous mirth” but of “holy joys.” We are inviting the Christ Child into our hearts, and in so doing, are finding His peace, which passes understanding.

Inherent in this great gift of God’s indwelling love is a call to action: a new life, with generous sharing of our time and possessions in furtherance of the gospel.

During this past year you have heeded that call. You have provided scholarships, supported programs, and funded seminary operations. You have encouraged visits by prospective students, prayed for seminarians, and applauded the achievements of our graduates. Thank you!

Now, as you too welcome a true Christmas, and as the year draws near to its end, might you wish to give once more? Your generous gift will help more seminarians and their families can carry the message “Emmanuel! God with us!” to the entire world.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

With gratitude,
The Very Reverend Dr. Chad Hatfield, President

P.S. You may give online here via our secure portal.