Fr. Chad Hatfield & Fr. John BehrChancellor and Dean of St. Vladimir'sFr. Chad Hatfield & Fr. John BehrChancellor and Dean of St. Vladimir's

Welcome! Discover St. Vladimir's Seminary

As the Chancellor and Dean of St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary we want to welcome all of you who are exploring our seminary through this website.  

This is a special place: here, both faculty and students – male and female, single and married – live on campus to worship and study together, providing the best environment for the study of theology and the formation of future priests, theologians and other co-workers of God.

St Vladimir’s has taken on the challenge of serving the Church and the needs of Orthodox Christians in the 21st Century.  Time brings change but the Truth of the Gospel is eternally unchanging.  This seminary understands that changes must be made to engage a rapidly changing world without sacrificing that which is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Ordination of Dn. Nicholas Roth in Three Hierarchs ChapelOrdination of Dn. Nicholas Roth in Three Hierarchs Chapel


St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary serves Christ, his Church, and the world through Orthodox Christian theological education, research, and scholarship, and the promotion of inter-Orthodox cooperation.

In this way, the Seminary prepares students for ministry as bishops, priests, deacons, lay leaders, and scholars so that they may build up Orthodox communities, foster Church growth through mission and evangelism, teach the Orthodox faith, and care for those in need.


With God’s help and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Seminary aspires to be the premier center of Orthodox Christian scholarship and pastoral education and to operate as an exemplary Orthodox Christian institution.


In every aspect of its life and work, the Seminary is guided by the following principles:

  • To believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to adhere to his commandments, as expressed in the life and teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church;
  • To acknowledge our responsibility to communicate Orthodox Christianity to the world and to invite all to partake of the fullness of the faith;

Quick Facts

SVS has produced more than 40 Orthodox hierarchs, and close to 1,000 priests and deacons, serving the church with approximately 900 laity (both women and men), among its alumni. Among the hierarchy are one patriarch, archbishops, and bishops, and several metropolitans.

Our Patron Saint

Great Prince Vladimir, Enlightener of All Russia

Troparion - Tone 4
Holy Prince Vladimir, you were like a merchant in search of fine pearls. By sending servants to Constantinople for the Orthodox Faith, you found Christ, the priceless pearl. He appointed you to be another Paul, washing away in baptism your physical and spiritual blindness. We celebrate your memory, asking you to pray for all Orthodox Christians and for us, your spiritual children

Kontakion - Tone 8
Most glorious Vladimir, in your old age you imitated the great apostle Paul: he abandoned childish things, while you forsook the idolatry of your youth. Together with him you reached the fullness of divine wisdom: You were adorned with the purity of holy baptism. Now as you stand before Christ our Savior, pray that all Orthodox Christians may be saved.

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