Visiting Scholars

St. Vladimir’s Seminary welcomes visiting scholars for short-term visits and extended stays to conduct research in The Father Georges Florovsky Library and meet with members of the faculty, if requested. The Florovsky Library currently holds more than 180,000 volumes and receives over 330 periodicals. This collection is considered one of the richest resources available on the North American continent for research on Eastern Christianity. It is especially strong in the areas of Orthodox church history, Orthodox theology, philosophy, and culture. In addition to the extensive collection of books and periodicals, the Library also possesses several important archival resources, including The Father Georges Florovsky Papers, The Father Alexander Schmemann Papers, and The Skvir–Buketoff Music Collection.

Requests to Visit

St. Vladimir's Seminary is able to host visiting scholars when classes are in session, from the beginning of September until mid-December, and from mid-January until the end of May. As a residential campus, the seminary's first priority is the well-being and safety of its students and their families, faculty, and staff. Therefore, space is limited and requests to visit are granted in accordance with the following procedures and under the conditions described below:

  • Approval of Request. All requests for short-term visits or extended stays at the seminary must be submitted for approval to the Office of the President (Attention: Mrs. Ann K. Sanchez, Executive Assistant to the President) at least one month in advance.
  • Purpose of Visit. Requests must state the reason for the visit, which normally includes using the library and meeting with faculty, and must have the support of a faculty sponsor. Visiting scholars are normally not permitted to attend classes, either formally or informally. Visiting scholars who would like to attend classes are encouraged to enroll in one of the seminary's degree programs, whether the Master of Theology degree (an advanced theological degree normally completed in one academic year) or the Master of Arts degree (which may also be completed in one year by qualified students).
  • Letters of Reference. Requests for extended stays (i.e., more than three days) must include two letters of reference. The seminary will conduct a background check prior to such visits.
  • Visas. International visiting scholars are responsible for securing their own visa, as the seminary is only able to approve certification requests for an F-1 visa application for full-time students enrolled in one of its degree programs.
  • Accommodations. Once approved, Matushka Robyn Hatrak, Special Events, Hospitality, and Alumni Relations Officer, will make room or apartment assignments with the assistance of the supplies and housekeeping staff. When on campus, visiting scholars are expected to follow all seminary policies, attend chapel services, and inform Matushka Robyn of any absences.


The following fee schedule may be changed at any time. These rates include sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels. 

Additional Information

Transportation to and from the seminary is the responsibility of guests. Those who would like to visit the seminary and who require off-campus accomodations are encouraged to contact Matushka Robyn for recommendations. St. Vladimir's enjoys a special relationship with the nearby Hampton Inn & Suites (559 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers, NY 10710), which provides shuttle service to and from the seminary as well as an included breakfast, laundry facilities, and a swimming pool.

Mrs. Ann K. Sanchez
575 Scarsdale Road
Yonkers, NY 10707
Phone: (914) 961-8313 x323

Mat. Robyn Hatrak
575 Scarsdale Road
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Phone: (914) 961-8313 x330