Office of the Registrar

Main Contact Numbers

Main telephone number: +1.914.961.8313
Main facsimile number: +1.914.961.4507

Dr. John Barnet
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar, Rangos 108, x313

Gabrielle Russin
Student Affairs Administrator, Rangos 116, x348

Ann K. Sanchez
Immigration Services and Direct Lending Counselor, Rangos G10, x323

Academic Resources

Academic Calendar
The official academic calendar.

Academic Catalog
Current and archived copies of the academic catalog.

Course Schedules
Course schedules for hybrid and residential degree programs and explanation of course numbers.

Forms and instructions for course registration, including Clinical Pastoral Education units, Master of Theology seminars, and New York Theological Consortium Cross-Regisration courses.

Release of Information
Forms to request withholding of directory information or release of previously withheld directory information.

Current students and recent alumni of the seminary may access an unofficial copy of their transcript through Student Portal.

Electronic Forums      

The seminary’s electronic forum for academic courses, official announcements, and general community postings.

Student Portal
The forum for verifying official registration, viewing grades and transcripts, and tracking progress toward completing program requirements.


Course Workload
Guidelines for assigning course work.

Student Portfolios
Guidelines and submission instructions for student portfolios.

Student Theses
Guidelines, style sheet, and submission procedures for M.A., M.Div., and Th.M. thesis, and D.Min. project.