Meet “Generation Z”: Faculty Trio Participate in Teen CrossRoad Program

18–28 June 2011 • Off-campus Event

Teens participating in Hellenic College's CrossRoad program this summer got a golden opportunity to rub shoulders with three of St. Vladimir's finest: Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko, Dean Emeritus and former professor of Dogmatic Theology; Dr. John Barnet, associate professor of New Testament; and Dr. Al Rossi, adjunct professor Meeting "Generation Z"(from left) Dr. John Barnet, Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko, and Dr. Al Rossi comprised this year's CrossRoad faculty.Meeting "Generation Z"(from left) Dr. John Barnet, Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko, and Dr. Al Rossi comprised this year's CrossRoad faculty.of Pastoral Theology. This year's Boston-based program offered high school students the opportunity to absorb the wisdom of the scholarly triad—and to share some of their own "Generation Z" sagacity.

"An extraordinary program!," commented Dr. Barnet. "What more can I say about an institute that brings together thirty bright, committed high school students, a half dozen smart, enthusiastic counselors, and three seminary professors for a week of study, prayer, reflection, outreach, and fun in the suburbs of Boston? Kudos to Ann Bezzerides and her CrossRoad staff."

During this year's gathering, Dr. Barnet spoke on the topic, "Through the Cross, Joy," while Dr. Rossi presented two 2-hour sessions on "Chastity Today," and Fr. Thomas addressed the subject, "Love: The Christian Understanding." Together, they comprised the academic component of the program, designed to help high school students study theology in a serious way; other equally beneficial elements of the program included experiencing a full liturgical life, serving one's neighbor, and just "hanging out" as a group for fun and fellowship.

"CrossRoad provides a wonderful experience for high school students to get closer to Christ, to their Orthodox faith, to the Church, and to each other in engaging ways," noted Dr. Rossi. "For me, a 'quotable quote' came from a student who was sent out on a 'group mission' to buy breakfast for a homeless person. When he couldn't find anyone to offer to buy breakfast for, the student—putting into practice some of the CrossRoad learning—said, 'Well then, let's pick up litter.' CrossRoad teaches youth to care for others in the most practical and loving ways possible."

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Are you a high school student reading this? Do you want to be part of CrossRoad next year? Contact someone from the program here.