Seminary Chancellor to Present Resolution at All-American Council

31 October–4 November 2011 • Off-campus Event

Our seminary will have a substantial presence at the 16th All-American Council (AAC) of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), which will be held October 31 through November 4, 2011, in the Seattle/Bellevue metro area of Washington state. Notably, Archpriest Chad Hatfield, our Chancellor (CEO), will put forth a resolution in support of theological education at the AAC, which has been approved by our Board of Trustees. (Read the resolution here.)

Two of our faculty members, Archpriest Alexander Rentel, assistant professor of Canon Law, and Dr. David Wagschal, assistant professor of Church History and Canon Law, are serving on the Resolutions Committee for the council. Fr. Alexander also is the Vice Chairperson for the OCA Commission on Canons and Statutes.

Additionally, besides the participation of our delegation of eight, with accompanying students, staff, and faculty who serve in various capacities in the OCA and at the seminary, our school will offer some extra opportunities for participants at the council. We have scheduled a gathering for St. Vladimir's Seminary alumni on Tuesday evening, November 1. Our SVS Press & Bookstore, to be located in POD B in the vendor hall, will be offering daily discounts to all buyers, as well as special discounts to alumni; also, some of our SVS Press authors will be available for book signings, at venues to be announced. We ask participants to review the council schedule once they arrive at the AAC, in order to find our special activities.

Faculty, Staff, and Students planning to travel to the AAC from St. Vladimir's are:

  • Clergy Chapel Delegates: Archpriest John Behr, Dean; Archpriest Alexander Rentel, Chapel Ecclesiarch
  • Lay Chapel Delegates: Dr. Albert Rossi, Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology; Hierodeacon Herman (Majkrzak), Lecturer in Liturgical Music
  • Clergy Seminary Delegates: Archpriest Chad Hatfield, Chancellor (CEO); Priest David Mezynski, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Lay Seminary Delegates: Theodore Bazil, Associate Chancellor for Advancement; Dr. David Wagshal, Assistant Professor of Church History and Canon Law
  • SVS Press and Bookstore: Priest Benedict Churchill, Director of SVS Press; Deacon Gregory Hatrak, Marketing Manager, SVS Press & Bookstore
  • Seminarians Sponsored by the Seminary: Deacon David Bozeman; Deacon Timothy Yates
  • Director of Alumni Relations and Recruitment: Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak 
  • Metropolitan Council Members: Eleana Silk, Librarian; Dr. Paul Meyendorff, The Fr. Alexander Schmemann Professor of Liturgical Theology
  • OCA Treasurer: Melanie Ringa, Associate Chancellor for Finance
  • Board of Trustees Attending: Pdn. Peter Danilchick, Anne van den Berg; and former Trustees Dn. John Zarras and Alexander Popoff, Jr.
  • Other Seminarians Attending: Igumen Gerasim (Eliel); Kevin Basil Fritts; and Fr. Kilian (Sprecher), as rector of St. Gregory Palamas Church, Glen Gardner, New Jersey