Stock Gifts

St. Vladimir’s Seminary welcomes gifts of securities, including publicly traded and privately held stock and mutual funds. Supporters either have their broker or investment manager transfer stocks to us electronically, or give us stock certificates that they have in their personal possession.

Gifts of appreciated securities offer a two-fold tax savings. The donor is entitled to take a charitable deduction for the full current value of appreciated securities (held longer than one year) and is also able to avoid paying any capital gains tax that would be due if the donor sold the securities. 

Giving stocks and bonds electronically to St. Vladimir's Seminary

Giving securities electronically (also known as a “DTC transfer”) requires specific instructions to your broker, as well as sending us a letter stating that the securities are a gift for the seminary and also stating the purpose of the gift. 

When giving by DTC transfer, you will need to provide the following instructions to your broker: 

“Please deliver free through DTC #2039 Code 40 (The Philadelphia Trust Company: SEI Private Trust Company) _____ (number) shares of ____________________ (company name) for credit to account number PTC-106.” 

St. Vladimir’s Seminary’s account is managed by: 

SEI Private Trust Company
PO Box 8500-7776
Philadelphia, PA 19178-7776
Phone: (215) 979-3434
Fax: (215) 751-9283

Please send the seminary a letter to let us know that you are making a gift securities and how you would like for us to use your gift. You can fax this letter to us at (914) 961-4507, or you can mail it to: 

St. Vladimir's Seminary
Office of Advancement
575 Scarsdale Rd
Yonkers, NY 10707

Mailing stocks or bonds to St. Vladimir's Seminary

Giving securities by mail requires sending four different documents: (1) the stock or bond certificate(s), (2) a letter stating that this is a gift for the seminary and also stating the purpose of the gift, (3) an Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power form, and (4) a notarized Third Party Release form for each certificate. If you physically have the stock certificates in your possession and would like to mail them to us, please contact the Office of Advancement for detailed instructions.

Many employers will match charitable donations to schools and universities. If your company matches, this multiplies your generosity at no cost to you. Please contact your company’s human resources department for information about gift matching. If you already have a gift matching form, please send it in the same envelope as your gift letter. 

Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (914) 961-8313 x317 or email if you have any questions. Thank you again for your generous support and for being a part of our mission and work!