Faculty Footnotes

Seminary Hosts Yale Sacred Music Students

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, 60 students and faculty from the Yale Institute of Sacred Music came to St. Vladimir's Seminary for a morning in Three Hierarchs Chapel. The visiting students will be traveling next spring to Estonia and Finland, and their visit to the seminary was part of their preparatory education.

After a short service of prayer "before any good work," students heard a talk by Prof. Peter Bouteneff called "Schmemann and Pärt: Embodying the Sacred." Arvo Pärt and Fr. Alexander Schmemann are linked with each other, not just because both were born in Estonia....

Alumni News

Alumnus Delivers Address at Orthodox-Evangelical Dialogue in Finland

Dr. Bradley Nassif

In early September, 2015, Dr. Bradley Nassif (SVOTS 1985) delivered the opening address at the third International Consultation of Orthodox and Evangelical theologians. The topic of his paper was, “The Gospel in Eastern Orthodox Perspective.” Dr. Nassif focused on how the Church conceived and expressed the gospel in the age of the Ecumenical Councils (325-787 AD). 

As guests of His Beatitude Archbishop Leo of Karelia and All Finland and the Evangelical Alliance of Finland (SEA), Dr. Nassif and 62 other Orthodox and Evangelical leaders gathered September 1-5, 2015 at the Sofia Cultural Centre, Helsinki, for a Consultation sponsored by the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative. The goal of the Initiative is to work towards better understanding between Orthodox and Evangelical communities, and to strive for healing where wounds exist. Representing Christian communities from twenty-five different...

Seminarians Speak

Four Things I’ve Learned (So Far)

Fr. Theophan Whitfield

The Doctor of Ministry Program at St Vladimir’s Seminary: Four Things I’ve Learned (So Far)

The pastor and the triage nurse have much in common.  Both spend significant  time assigning priority among hard cases.  In the parish and in the emergency room, the need for urgent care is often pronounced and pressing.  And the basic fact of life is that time and resources are limited.  “The poor you will always have with you” (Matt 26:11) takes on special meaning in...

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