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Presentation at Westminster Highlights Arvo Pärt's Spiritual Roots

Drs. Reeves and Bouteneff in the back (wearing suits!) with Westminster studentsDrs. Reeves and Bouteneff in the back (wearing suits!) with Westminster studentsOn Wednesday, September 24, 2014, St. Vladimir's associate professor of Systematic Theology Dr. Peter Bouteneff, and Assistant Professor of Liturgical Music Dr. Nicholas Reeves, lectured at...

Alumni News

Alumnus Fr. Jerome Cwiklinski Honored for Distinguished Service

Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak

St. Vladimir’s alumnus Archpriest Chaplain Carl Jerome Cwiklinski, CPT CHC USN (SVOTS 1986), was honored upon his retirement from 42 years of distinguished military service. The ceremony took place at Camp Pendleton, CA on Friday, September 18, 2014. His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon and ten SVOTS alumni, including Director of Alumni Relations Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak, were on hand to congratulate him and participate in the celebration of his remarkable career.

The Metropolitan also offered a Service of Thanksgiving in the Camp’s St. John the Forerunner Chapel, assisted by Fr. Jerome.  In 2012 Fr. Jerome and the faithful of the Chapel established a scholarship fund for seminarians...

Seminarians Speak

What I Did This Summer

Dn. Theodor Svane

The Orthodox Church in Norway is a tiny community in a predominantly secular and Lutheran country. Most of our parishes are mission churches and there are only a very few established churches. By coming to the United States and St. Vladimir’s Seminary, I hoped that my family and I would get a broader experience of the Orthodox Church, in a culture similar to our own. 

Dn. Theodor, Hanne, and Simon, with Fr. AndrewDn. Theodor, Hanne, and Simon...

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